Bus shouldn’t move without a plan, or driver

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 27, 2010

In some situations, not having a plan can be fun, even exciting. But when lives are on the line, a plan can mean a world of difference.

Consider how airplane pilots operate.

A good pilot will not climb into the cockpit without first having checked all the mechanical equipment, ensured adequate fuel is in the tanks, checked the weather and made a flight plan for the trip.

Years of this practice generally make pilots calm and levelheaded — and extremely efficient at planning.

They know it’s not a good idea to discover you’re out of fuel at 13,000 feet.

Perhaps during the next election for Concordia School Board members, we should seek to find candidates with flying experience. Maybe then, the parish school board will stop and think through its actions before it guns the throttle, eases off the brake and barrels down the runway with no apparent plan.

Last week in an evenly split decision, the school board opted to not renew the contract with a private bus company to provide school bus services to the district.

Effectively, that means that unless a new contract is created and signed soon, the school board must quickly find 22 bus drivers over the summer so they’ll be ready when school begins.

The district’s transportation director described the situation as a “mess.”

Jumping in the car for a leisurely Sunday drive without a plan can be fun. But when you’re flying a multi-million dollar school district serving hundreds of students, the district would be wise to create a plan before heading into the clouds.