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Let’s hope dam holds long enough to fix it

The Miss-Lou had a heavy rainfall on Thursday causing localized flooding on many streets and some small mudslides in some areas.

Fortunately no serious damage or injuries were reported.

However, a dam on Robins Lake Road was topped and water spilling over the levee eroded a portion of the top of the dam.

Newly installed Adams County supervisors, road crew members and county workers have spent many hours on the scene trying to remedy the problem and minimize any damage.

State dam inspectors were called to the scene. Multiple water pumps were brought to the scene to pump down the lake level.

If the dam were to break, water overflowing would damage many houses below the lake.

Fortunately county officials, including outgoing District 1 Supervisor Mike Lazarus and incoming District 1 Supervisor Wes Middleton, spent the days before the anticipated heavy rainfall, preparing for just such a situation.

A similar dam problem occurred in the same location approximately seven years ago and the county spent much money repairing the dam, which no doubt the county will have to do again once this incident is ended.

Let’s hope the work is done correctly and will last longer next time.

Meanwhile, thanks, county officials for your diligent efforts through this incident.