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Have patience as city, county fix erosion issues

Recent heavy rains revealed a few problems with erosion in the area.

One being the dam on Robins Lake Road that had a portion of the top sloughed off when water came over the dam.

The other being mudslides along the Natchez Bluff.

County leaders are working to repair damage along the Robins Lake Road dam and are looking into ways to remediate any future problems on the dam.

City leaders have a team of engineers coming in to examine the mudslides along the bluff.

In the meantime, however, a popular walking trail along the Mississippi River’s banks at the bottom of the bluffs is closed to keep people from being injured in the event of more erosion.

Robins Lake Road dam is important to the people who live in the area below the dam as a breach could flood out many homes downstream.

Robins Lake has had similar issues in the past. This time we hope county leaders will make sure the work is done properly to mitigate any future problems.

As for the bluffs, the walking trail is a popular attraction for many residents and visitors.

We urge patience on behalf of residents and visitors as the city works to assess the damage and make any necessary repairs.