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Reeves has work cut out for him from start

Tate Reeves was sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th governor Tuesday, replacing outgoing two-term Gov. Phil Bryant.

In his inaugural address, Reeves pledged to work for all of the people of Mississippi as governor.

Reeves is well-prepared for the job, having served as the state’s lieutenant governor for eight years and as state treasurer before that.

Reeves is inheriting a troubled state prison system that erupted into prisoner revolts that resulted in the death of five inmates between Dec. 29 and Jan. 3.

Legislators, including Reeves, have known about the under funding, understaffing and overall poor conditions of the prisons for years now.

Inmates are filing lawsuits against the state over the inhumane conditions of the prisons and on Tuesday the FBI and the United States Attorneys for Northern and Southern Mississippi released a statement saying they are aware of allegations of wrongdoing in the state’s prison system and are asking for information on possible crimes.

We are going to hold Reeves to his promise to work for all Mississippians and that includes people who are locked behind bars in the state’s corrections system.

We hope Reeves will act quickly in an efficient and effective manor to resolve the problems causing the state’s prison problems.