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Thanks for Sunday’s editorial supporting Mire

All I can say is that the paper’s editorial of  March 29 was “spot-on!”

The “push back” by state and local non-physician officials on Dr. Blane Mire is totally unacceptable and dangerous.

Speaking the truth to power is rare in our society today. I’m thankful that there are courageous citizens, like Mire, still willing to say that the “the Emperor has no clothes.”

The Governor said recently that he is “not a dictator” when asked about calling for a quarantine statewide. But, apparently his enablers are willing to violate the First Amendment Rights of and then censor citizens from providing advice and counsel to elected local officials.

While I’m at it, we Natchezians (and Adams County residents as well) should commend Mayor Darryl Grennell for his leadership and vision in forming, early in the impending public health crisis, a COVID-19 task force to advise him on matters regarding the prevention and care aspects of the deadly virus — Kudos to him!

As we are all saying now, “stay well.”

Michael K. Gemmell,