Shop Along Downtown

Published 5:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2022

By Jennie Guido

It’s time to make the turn up Franklin Street, which to most in town is also known as Antique Row. Franklin Street has developed so much over the past ten years since I moved back home, and I’m proud of the little street that could.



505 Franklin Street

What is there to not love about this store? Fresh flowers and plants to brighten your home, decor and tablescapes a-plenty, birds chirping, and a friendly Poodle all greet you when you step through the front doors.

Even before John Grady Burns transformed the land of Nest into a bridal registry haven with the purchase of H. Hal Garner, I loved visiting the store to see what interesting and special pieces he had that I couldn’t live without. Now, I love going in to see who has registered for what and what I need to add to my Christmas wish list from Annie Glass.

It’s a home lover’s paradise, and I never leave empty-handed.


Pampered Sole

506 Franklin Street

This staple of Franklin Street has been on the block for over twenty years. When it first opened when I was in high school, I was thrilled to have a place to find shoes for special occasions. Then, the Pampered Sole made the addition of formal wear for all of your prom and ball needs. 

When casual fashion was added to the mix, Pampered Sole was complete. It became a one stop shop in Natchez. I can still bet on finding a great pair of shoes at The Pampered Sole in the same location that it’s always been on the shaded side of Franklin Street.

Franklin Street Relics

512 Franklin Street

Confession. We Guidos love an antique mall. We can spend hours going from booth to booth combing each shelf for a secret gem that needs to come home with us. It’s actually our Christmas Eve tradition to hit all of the antique malls on Franklin and Commerce Streets to find one last must have for our holiday decor.

Franklin Street Relics may be a newer version of this tried and true antique mall location, but it has some outstanding vendors. One of my personal favorites is Dianne’s Frame Shop’s spinoff found at the front of the store. I must have added a dozen Christmas ornaments to my collection last Christmas Eve’s visit.


Mother’s Natchez

520 Franklin Street

What I love about Mother’s is that you can find a clean version of just about anything in store. For Natchez, that’s a pretty big deal when most of these types of items have to be searched for online and ordered. You can always find something new in store and the atmosphere is so serene.

I was suffering from an allergic reaction back earlier this year to Vaseline of all things. I had used it for years as my “chapstick” until one morning my entire mouth and lips broke out in hives. One visit to Mother’s and we were able to find a replacement for my “chapstick” that came back to bite me that was a “clean” product that actually works better.