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Don’t defund police; retrain people to comply

Do you know what stands between us, the law-abiding, peace-loving, God-fearing citizens of Natchez and street thugs, violence, chaos and anarchy? It’s “The Thin Blue ... Read more

Natchez lost champion we won’t soon replace

Just about everyone who met Bob M. Dearing instantly became his friend. Read more

Phillip West: ‘Only truth will make us all free’

This article is written in response to an opinion written by Jan Griffey general manager of The Natchez Democrat, and published in the July 19 ... Read more

Transparency is key to successful administration

I told a friend just this week that the fast-tracked inauguration, followed by two back-to-back Board of Aldermen meetings, is a little like being thrown ... Read more

Board shows commitment to open meetings

We welcome the new attitude of governance from Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson and the newly elected board of aldermen. Read more

Hoping Natchez board will work together

Dan Gibson’s tenure as mayor got off to a positive start last week with an organizational meeting to make appointments to city offices including city ... Read more

Tired of COVID-19? Do your part to help end it

I’m tired of COVID-19 as I am sure most of you are, too. Read more

Thanks for leadership, Charles Evers

Southwest Mississippi lost a great civil rights leader earlier this week when Charles Evers died at the age of 97. Read more

Dawning of new day in store for Natchez, region

Today marks a new era in local government for Natchez and the entire region. Read more

Blood drive, free COVID-19 antibody testing

We are in the midst of a critical blood shortage along with the COVID-19 pandemic. The national blood supply is in danger of collapse, and ... Read more

College football on the brink

If you love college football, prepare to be disappointed. Read more

Wear your face mask; it is right thing to do

I hate wearing a mask. It irritates the back of my ears and makes it hard for me to breathe. Read more

Help curb crime by locking doors sharing details

Natchez and Adams County are experiencing an uptick in violent crimes and non-violent crimes in recent weeks. Read more

Knowing Patient’s Bill of Rights is important

As we experience healthcare challenges that make it necessary to be treated within acute care or long-term care facilities, it is important to know the ... Read more

Step up and be counted in US 2020 Census

Adams County could sure use a few million dollars and a few hundred jobs right now. With all of the income and jobs that have ... Read more

Natchez has a good vibe going after election

It seems the mood is a little brighter in Natchez today, the future more hopeful. Read more

Congress considers legislation to support local news

In the past five months, Congress has responded to the coronavirus public health crisis with several emergency relief measures, including the stimulus checks sent to ... Read more

Have a seat at Concord Quarters’ table

Recent public protests in Natchez in response to shooting deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and countless other Black people in the U.S. ... Read more

Natchez gets fresh faces, hope for progress

Natchez is poised to move forward to a bright future, after an election season drawn out by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

As COVID-19 numbers rise: Wear a mask!

National, state and local COVID-19 infection rates have skyrocketed to the highest levels since the pandemic began in March. Read more

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